Thursday, June 7, 2007

girls (sans the z)

Che-che-che-check it out now.
There are a lot of really amazing people in here (wait, why am I in here...?) This was my first time pair up with the talented writer Diane Colchamiro who has not only a wonderful sense of humor but shares my distaste for monkeys. Anyway, this was put together by the awesome power and sturdy determination MK Reed and Robin Enrico. I'm particularly excited about Hellen Jo's submission. After a chance run in with her minis I was immediately ready for more.

If you suffer from an acute weariness for the cliche of the girl's anthology (as I do) I recommend holding judgement and flipping through it when it comes out. There's always exceptions to rules and new ways to do an old job.

The review from The Beat

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