Wednesday, June 6, 2007

adventures in dog sitting

For the past few days I left the hub of metropolitan life to kick it back in bucolic ol' Connecticut at my parents house. Everyone else in my family had left to see my old man race at Watkins Glen and somehow I got the job of dog sitting my own dogs. Weird perhaps but a great chance to get a lot of family/house stuff done while simultaneously receiving some unconditional canine affection. I thought about posting some sweet puppy pictures but I remembered how dangerously high the sissy level is in here so how about a (kinda) manly jam comic?

This was done with the help of fine talents Edwin Vazkez and Tom Pitilli. We met up for some lunch and this came about between heavily sugared lemonades I was gulping. It was super hot out and they suggested I should post it. It should, at the very lest, even out last weeks post.

Yes, I know. How about we move on then?

The book that I'm currently working on is every so slowly happening (although it really doesn't feel like it sometimes.) Just before I start getting excited about penciling the first 15 pages I realize I have some 200 more to go. Yipes. But I guess that's the nature of the beast. I do feel like I'm on some emotional comic roller-coaster sometimes though. Think of high school with more pictures and less puberty. There'll be days where I can bust out 3 penciled pages like it's nothing but then the next day I can't even draw the main character. This might be funny if is wasn't so depressing. Ah well, even a shelled egg won't jump into yer mouth (make sure you read that last bit with a good strong yiddish accent in your head.)

Pages 2, 3 and 10!


matt said...

I love how the box is labeled "box." I keep wondering whether the artist originally intended the stuff in that guy's pants to be a dump, or if it's a view of his balls and penis poking through his tight pants. Could be either.

Rachel said...

hahahaaaaaa i love the sun wearing sunglasses

and this IS rachel s. browne

Gabe said...

That horse on page 10 is pretty bad ass.

I'm sold.

James said...

Don't feel too bad about those creative highs and lows. Everybody gets it. You've got the hardest part behind you. Now it's just a matter of doing what you do and showing them how great you are. 200 pages? No problem.

I..I're off the case, Florido! You're too CLOSE!