Tuesday, March 18, 2008

does that come in mahogany?... i'll take three!

Thanks to my very fine temp job, I have discovered the joy of reading the "National Business Furniture" magazine. Purple prose pale next to this work (AND it has illustrations to boot!) That being said, I decided to augment it for my own amusement and mid word bubble I thought, 'what the hell? might as well use it for a post.'

And yes, I do laugh at my own jokes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

wait a (new york) minute...

When did I have the time to draw so frivolously? Apparently I made time 'cause these are pretty recent. I had them underneath some 3rd Horseman thumbnail pages (which boast at being at the top of the pile right now.)
But, yah it's a moody/pensive Chester and a readin' noodle eatin' fool. I put it a quick background on the pencil drawing right before I scanned it and am looking forward to inking it. I'd also like to put color on the both of them as well but let's not put the cart before the horse.

p.s. sorry about all those lousy spams on my comments (shame on you spammers!) I changed my settings so there shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i'm pretty sure my brain fell out my ear...

I've been working temp jobs as of late to keep my head above water (as well as to get out of the ol' homestead once in a while.) And while I'm out in the 9-5 workforce like a real adult, I've been reading perhaps triple my body weight in books. It's absolutely delightful and I've been trying to mix up my genres as much as possible. For the most part I've digested some pretty tasty words but last week I seem to have it the wall of walls. No offense to my typeface loving tomodachi, but 'The Anatomy of Typeface' may be the most boring thing I've put my face to this year.