Friday, January 9, 2009

new year, same old shtick

Does not screwing up this year count as a resolution? Well, I guess it's a little late to start making resolutions but thems the breaks kid. At lest I'm finally back in my in my own place after being a live in dog sitter for the holiday. So now this means two things are in store for me. One being that I can live here (my apt.) comfortably for another month and two, that I have lots of pencils to ink and tons of scanning to do. These are both very good things but at the moment I'm cranky and generally restless about nothing so it's hard to enjoy.
I swear I was cheerful about this new year before today but I must have sept funny or realized that I'll never really have a soul... or... or something.

Below is a new years linoleum cut print I made. Perhaps you've received one in the mail? Perhaps I've wrecked the surprise?... oh. shit.

The heart shaped stamp I carved out of a magic rub eraser my freshman year of college and the H is from a small stone seal kit I had and, subsequently, carved.


Edwin Vazquez said...

That makes two of us in the dogsitting business for a few weeks. Go cartoonists GO!

Edwin Vazquez said...

Just got the card!!! THANK YOU it's great!!! I'm going to have a little get together with people I really love for my final year of my 20's birthday get together soon...I will let you know about it. Hope you can make it..