Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've moved to CA

NYC I miss you baby. All this sun and people who are nice to me at the office are freaking me out! I've done a switch on comics and am now working for Cartoon Network doing writing/story boarding for the Regular Show. Please look forward to future episodes with my partner, Benton Conner, and I boarding!

And don't worry comics, I'm not leaving you!


Veronica said...

OMG WHUUUT !! That's awesome, way to go, I'm so proud of you :) I hope we end up hanging out more often than we did being closer in proximity - miss you gurl

Rodrigo said...

dude, that's pretty awesome.
regular show is pretty dope, hope to see it!

although, cali doesnt seem as cool as nyc

Keith said...

Fuckin. Awesome.