Friday, November 5, 2010

Attract Mode x Babycastles

I had the honor to be asked to do work for Adam Robezzoli and Matt Hawkin's Attract Mode show with Babycastles which had its grand opening last night.

My contribution was painting up an arcade cabinet to accompany the three other existing cabinets. (This is pre spelling correction btw. I should have newer shinier photos that were not taken via phone soon!)

I got to work along side the charming Dave Mauro as we raced the clock to get everything in order for the show!

My warmest thanks to all who came out to the show. I cannot thank those who helped out enough for letting me be a part of this and having the chance to work along side of you!


Veronica said...


madamluna said...

These are beautiful! I'm really taken with the 80s shoujo-style one. What kind of paint did you use? It shows up brilliantly and it's nice and smooth :D

hilary florido said...

Thank you so much! I used acrylic paint on top of a black high gloss house paint.