Tuesday, February 16, 2010

feb. 16. 2010

I had the pleasure of helping out designer Rachel Antonoff with a prop for her 2010 fall collection show at fashion week. The show, Mystery at Lafayette House, pulled inspiration from Nancy Drew and other mystery stories. The bloodhound cut out I made was on the case to sniff out clues and be really cumbersome on the rush hour train that I had to transport it on.

Ahh... I can see day passing as the sun reflects off of the floorboards!

*photo by Lindsey Byrnes


Edwin Vazquez said...

Wow, very nice.

Joe Flood said...

Wow, nice. i wish i updated my blog as often as you

hilary florido said...

I too wish you updated your blog more, Mr. Flood!

Veronica said...

YES!! I heart Nancy Drew ... PC games