Wednesday, October 7, 2009


September all but flew by and now it's week two of perhaps my very favorite month. Inevitably I will not get to the farmer's market as much as I'd like, nor will I be traveling to CT to see the leaves change at my parents house and, with unfortunate honesty, I foresee my Halloween night plans being anything but planned out. So in attempts to put a bit of scheduled fall fun in my October I've decided to cook up a scheme to keep the creative part of my brain and me moving with the month in hopes that it doesn't fly by without me.

The plan is to watch as many horror/scary/monster movies as I can (keeping it in proportion with regular work output of course) and put out a drawing for each movie that I get through. Good or bad, scary movies have a lot to do with what being shown and not shown. The power of an image (or absence of it in some cases) has to be at it's optimum output for a scary movie to work. Kinda like comics, right? Comics are images and words working together and, obviously, strong images and a strong story make for better comic reading. Okok, so scary movies may not be the best example as far as story telling is concerned, but I'm just talking images right now and this is supposed to be a fun exercise here...

Though I'm super excited to see some creepy movies I might note that while I enjoy watching the genre, I actually scare fairly easily when I'm on my own. The hope is that while watching the movie I will be distracted with drawing but seeing as I'll be viewing these solo in my apartment (my dog is my only roomie...) I may be in for a bit of trouble. Fortunately, abusing my over active imagination works into part two of my plan- resurrecting my dream journal.

Way back when, I used to be semi regular about recording my dreams. There probably the only writing I've ever done that I don't mind rereading once it's down on paper. They're also some of the clearest memories I have which is pretty important to me. Some of the images I can recall still make me feel as sick as when I first saw them in the dream. Ugh. So all of October I'll be writing down as faithfully as I can my dreams every night I can remember them. Perhaps I can use them for future comics or maybe they will just be weird picture regurgitations of my day. Either way, they're something I'd like to keep better track of and now seems a good a time as any.

It is doubtful that I will post my dreams here unless they are particularly noteworthy but I'll be putting up every movie drawing that comes out of my trembling hands for sure!


Hunter said...

I've been meaning to see that movie for over a year now :/

Veronica said...

That's awesome! You should see "suspiria" it's so beautiful to look at.