Thursday, February 26, 2009

get a hot maid

I kinda live in a bachelor pad. Perhaps it's not gross like a bachelor house but it certainly lacks the frills one might expect from a young lady's home ( I am SUCH a lady. haha.) My work space is my favorite part of the apartment, even when actually working may not be all rainbows and kittens every day. I've been pretty busy lately which means two things for said space: getting some real work done and not obsessively cleaning it like I usually do. (see photos)


Edwin Vazquez said...

HEY! Would you look at that....Hilary's place! Pretty cool...I'm honored to have a piece of mine by your workside...

Veronica said...

I love your studio! I clean obsessively myself, I think it's a way of feeling like I'm working while avoid working

The word verification btw is "Squing"

I like that.