Saturday, July 5, 2008

the story of how i love movies that are trash

I've had these backlogged for a little bit, but it's time for them to shine.
The first one is from Tokyo Gore Police and yes, he is being propelled forward by the profuse bleeding of his new leg stumps. Kinda like the Rocketeer but not really...ugh. The second is a girl form the movie X-Cross. She starts off fighting with two extra long scissors but later upgrades to one, giant one so that she my battle another girl who wields a chain-saw. And the final is Viral, from Gurren Lagan. This is actually an anime but I figured I throw it in here as I pretty sure it didn't benefit my brain cells much either.


Edwin Vazkez said...

You're just amazing.

maxburg said...

hey there. say hello to your newest fanboy. :D

Joe Flood said...

gee, you must have a lot of free time on your hands

support your local shigeharu said...

Hi Hilary! Do you remember at Heroes Con you drew a half-bear, half-barracuda? We called it a "bearacuda," and the joke worked better aurally than in writing? I've posted them at A Mysterious Creature.

And did you see the TGP trailer with Wii?