Thursday, June 5, 2008

updating my cold little heart out!

I don't know how I did it but I'll have a new mini for MoCCA this weekend. Well, actually, I know exactly how I did it and it involved not contacting the outside world for a week and a half.... uhhh not so good. But non the less, here's a mini peak (it IS a mini after all) of what's in store should you choose to pop up to the top floor of the Puck Building this Sat and Sun.

Also, if you just couldn't stand not having a print copy of 'The Fast and the Furious III: Stop Tokyo Drifting into My Heart,' wait no longer my tomodachi because it will be showing up at MoCCA in the fabulously crafted compilation mini KA-BLAM-O. But more so than getting your bad movie sequel parody on, you should check this mini out 'cause it's full color and filled with some amazing work. I feel very proud that Edwin let me be next to these other pages. He'll be handing them out FOR FREE (!!!) while walking around the con and I will probably have some on my table with a pay what you wish thing happening as I'd like to help get him some of the printing price back.


Edwin Vazkez said...

Thank you :) And I'm not a NERD!!! Hold on I have to answer the Batphone.

Veronica said...

Oh my god Hilary! You are amazing! Please put work in my exhibition this December! (yaay :)

eric said...

Nice stuff at Mocca.
I owe you a drink for having seen you so naked, apparently.

[kr] mukai said...

Hey hey, this is Hellokbear/Kris Mukaiii. It was awesome seeing you at MoCCA this yearrrr! Totally digging your new minis :)